Webinars provide a great way to learn quickly. Here are upcoming webinars and pre-recorded sessions covering E-Commerce and SharePoint.

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Improve your Top Line and Bottom Line with eCommerce

The idea of launching an online store and growing sales is exciting. The real key is to start out on the right foot with identifiable goals, proper investment and support, and a plan to get it done.

Forms, Planner and Stream - 3 tools in the Office 365 arsenal

There are many powerful tools in the Office 365 arsenal. This webinar will dive into three of those tools. Forms, the simple way to create surveys, polls, and more. Planner, the simple, visual way to organize your team's project management. Stream, the easy way to create and share videos in a secure environment.

Is Enterprise eCommerce Right For My Business?

Today it is hard to imagine a manufacturer or large scale retailer not having a website. Tomorrow it will be equally hard to imagine a manufacturer not selling equipment and parts online. This change to eCommerce is bringing big increases of revenues and profits. Even with a complex selling cycle, configurable products, or 50,000+ SKUs, you can sell online.

Converting your InfoPath (Moving from InfoPath)

In this webinar we discuss InfoPath with our friends from Crow Canyon Software and No-Code Solution. Agenda includes InfoPath overview, upgrading an InfoPath List, upgrading InfoPath Forms Library, and suggestions for migrating InfoPath data using Fusion.

Making End-User reporting simple with Power BI in SharePoint

Power BI is the tool of choice in Office 365 for easily creating and deploying beautiful reports and dashboards. In this session, we will not only explore the power of this robust reporting tool, we will also explore how to easily get up and running, creating meaningful and rich reports.

Team Up with MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is without a doubt the centerpiece of the Office 365 arsenal of tools. When it comes to collaboration and integration, it is easy to see why many organizations have adopted Microsoft Teams as a go-to collaboration tool.

Embracing the Modern Movement (from Classic SharePoint to Modern UI in SharePoint Online)

Microsoft is pushing harder and harder every day to get organizations to switch from Classic SharePoint to the Modern UI in SharePoint Online. If you've been holding out or waiting for the Modern UI to meet your needs, this session will examine the latest Modern UI features and take a look at what you can create with Microsoft's latest enhancements.

An Introduction to Office 365 and SharePoint

This webinar will define Office 365 for you, define SharePoint and how it relates to Office 365. We will also provide additional details around SharePoint from security, IT and financial points of view. Governance in SharePoint will also be introduced.

Improving Your Team’s Efficiency with Office 365 and SharePoint

Having problems with repetitive tasks and problems? In this webinar we will discuss how SharePoint and Office 365 can help to automate your business processes including workflow scenarios and a peek at Microsoft Flow.

SharePoint Best Practices

So, you have decided to invest in SharePoint? In this webinar, we will be discussing several best practices that you will want to have in place before you start your SharePoint journey. We will discuss SharePoint as the one true source of information as well as security.

SharePoint Roadmap: Tales from the 2019 Conference

Understanding Microsoft's Roadmap for SharePoint can be an essential part of your organization's Governance. In this webinar, we will discuss announcements made at SPC2019 along with planned announcements for this year's Ignite conference including: SharePoint Administration, Modern UI, List features including importing from Excel, Modern UI web parts from the PNP community and more!

Looking at eCommerce Data, On Site Search and Product Taxonomy

Determining what data is needed to support your eCommerce sales effort and how that data needs to be reshaped is typically the most challenging step in moving online. Getting this step right will set you up for online success well into the future. Get the data wrong and starting over in a year will become a real possibility. In this session we will cover topics including system integration, product taxonomy, on site search, pricing strategies and being ready to scale.

Are you in a complicated relationship with your data?

In this webinar, we discuss the struggles organizations have with the following: data, documents, metadata and managing the same information in multiple locations.

If you are like the majority of organizations, you’re seeing some of these issues. Come join us as we share some possible solutions.

Automating Your Healthcare Team's Processes with Microsoft 365

Today's healthcare teams are tracking a lot of information. In many cases, those teams are still using static Excel or Word files. In this webinar, we examine how your healthcare team can automate processes to include tracking, notifications, approval and more using SharePoint Lists & Libraries, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Planner and other Microsoft 365 tools and technology.

Transforming into a Remote Workplace with MS Teams and SharePoint

Has COVID-19 forced you to scramble to get your business setup for employees to work remotely? If you have O365 you have most of the tools for a smooth transition. In this webinar, we will show you how SharePoint, MS Teams and other Microsoft 365 tools can help your workforce be efficient and secure while remote.

We will discuss (a) Tips for working with others in Teams, (b) Optimizing the Teams environment, (c) Connecting existing SharePoint sites to Teams while applying best practices and (d) Integrating other Microsoft 365 tools into your Teams environment.
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