E-Commerce Consulting and Development

E-Commerce is particularly challenging when you are dealing with 10,000+ SKUs, a complex buying process, and integration with backend systems. We've got you covered and will help you sell your parts online.

E-Commerce Consulting
We help companies maximize online sales opportunities for parts and equipment. Whether you’re already selling online or thinking about adding E-Commerce to your business, our team of experts can guide you with powerful ideas to sell more online. Regardless of your store platform, our team can validate best practices and make your online offering better.

E-Commerce Development
For those organizations seeking to add new E-Commerce, we offer a sophisticated, customizable store system, called SpinMarketTM, that offers a broad range of modern features and the ability to modify to fit your specific business and customer requirements. When a platform is the best fit, we are also now supporting the Znode e-commerce platform - more on that soon! In addition to E-Commerce work, we also design and build Customer and Dealer Portals, Resource Libraries, Marketing Portals and more.

E-Commerce Integration
Getting your backend accounting, ERP and CRM systems to communicate with your online store can be challenging. Our experienced team of technical professionals knows how to properly integrate data streams to maximize your E-Commerce success.

E-Commerce Marketing
Organizations turn to Spindustry for expert guidance and marketing initiatives that drive qualified traffic to E-Commerce websites. Our team has deep experience with SEO, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and many other tools that promote the sale of equipment and parts to targeted audiences.

Considering serious E-Commerce? You will need a partner that is an expert in the complexities of online business and web development, including:

  • Product taxonomy to support quality of search and navigation for product inventories from 10,000 to 5,000,000+ SKUs
  • Integrating online stores with ERPs and other backend systems
  • High-volume replacement part SKUs
  • Complex dealer/retail pricing models
  • ADA, GDPR and PCI compliance expertise
  • Enterprise-class hosting solutions
  • Search engine optimization best practices including on-page elements, OG tags, Google Analytics tracking, keyword research and legal mandates
  • Paid digital marketing including Google Ads, social channel advertising, programmatic and display advertising
  • Responsive website design and development expertise and mobile app development

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From front end strategy to back end integration, we handle the hard stuff.

If you're looking for a passionate, knowledgeable and friendly E-Commerce partner, let's talk.

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