The Power of Automated Sales Dashboards

Unlock sales potential with automated sales dashboards and expert sales coaching. Drive success, track metrics, and optimize performance. Discover how by joining us for an in-depth webinar.

Gaining visibility to metrics on sales efforts and how you are trending towards your goals can be the single greatest catalyst for success in your organization. Join us in this webinar for insight on how tracking can power up your sales coaching, enablement and performance. You’ll also discover key metrics that help your team track to ensure they will hit their goals; or adjust if they're off target.

Sales Coaching Topics We'll Cover:

1.) Our approach to transparent sales coaching.

Leadership, Sales and Marketing teams all have something to gain from automated tracking and data empowerment. We must get them working in alignment.

2.) Key sales metrics to keep track of daily, weekly, quarterly and beyond.

Explore what to look at regularly within your sales process to progress towards company goals.

3.) How to track using technology, so reports can be generated in real-time, without adding hours of admin time to your crew.

Use tools you have in your stack or adopt new ones. We'll be covering a few of our favorites with live demos of best-in-class tools.

4.) Why Automated Dashboards?

  • Tracking creates opportunities for action.
  • Get everyone on the same page, without hours of work in spreadsheets.
  • Remove likelihood of human error.
  • Connect the dots from marketing-> sales-> service delivery.
  • Encourage, motivate, unite.

5.) How to use data to EMPOWER sales teams and make the tracking process fun, not monotonous.


Who should attend?

Business Owners, Sales Executives & Managers, Business Development Representatives, and anyone interested in improving to their sales processes.

Meet our presenters for this sales coaching webinar:

VSG Marketing is a Marketing Technology Focused Agency with over two decades of experience in sales and marketing platform coaching.

Alex Devine

Alex Devine is a marketing expert and business consultant providing a unique bridge between old school business ideals and new generational perspectives. In her straightforward style, she motivates teams to act, with empathy and understanding.

As the President of VSG Marketing, Alex uses technology and data insights to help companies and individuals define their sales strategy and manage their digital presence. After nearly a decade in the heart of a fast-paced agency, she’s gained expertise in executive-level marketing strategy, sales enablement, digital performance, and martech. Alex leads the VSG Marketing team and provides executive oversight to all service offerings in addition to making sure clients remain on the cutting edge of their industries.

Doug Burton

As a seasoned veteran with over twenty-five years of business leadership, Doug has experienced for himself both the successes and struggles of leading organizations. In founding VSG, his desire is to provide others with the resources, knowledge, training, and encouragement to lead and serve others. Burton is convinced that intentional coaching paired with developing a solid business acumen is the key to not only successful business leadership, but also to developing the complete individual and resulting organizational culture.

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