Hy-Capacity Success Story

Hy-Capacity was founded in 1978 as a remanufacturer and has expanded its product line over the years. The site today serves its dealers exploring and purchasing the parts they need for their customers.


Hy-Capacity had a website that provided e-commerce but did not integrate well into their backend ERP. In addition, site search was limited to part numbers and exact matches. Hy-Capacity also needed help with additional digital marketing needs.


Spindustry worked with the team at Hy-Capacity to design and create a new e-commerce focused website with additional integrations. Spindustry and Hy-Capacity meet regularly as e-commerce strategies evolve. Hy-Capacity has grown its Ship 365 program and incorporated additional programs like that into the digital marketing and functions of the website.

The on-site search allows for intelligent keyword-based searching, in addition to part number, as well as providing reports showing what visitors have searched on and what results they received. Hy-Capacity can then use tools on the backend to make un-found parts more discoverable in the future. Hy-Capacity’s online sales and programs continue to grow and Spindustry is proud to be a part of it.

Website Development

Hy-Capacity <span>Success Story</span>
Hy-Capacity <span>Success Story</span>
Hy-Capacity <span>Success Story</span>
Hy-Capacity <span>Success Story</span>

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