The Farmers Buying Journey

Spindustry wants to help farmers buy and manufacturers, distributors, and dealers sell to those farmers. To help everyone connect, we are creating a series of attitudinal studies interviewing all involved.

We started with a survey of farmers. We surveyed over 750 farmers citing their attitudes and preferences as they work towards making informed purchases. While you can likely guess the Internet plays a role in their decision making, how different groups use the Internet and when they choose not to may surprise you. If you are a dealer, distributor or manufacturer looking to make decisions about your digital and marketing strategy this real evidence will help you make informed decisions or back up decisions you have made. 

From the first study you will learn:

  • What is the first step farmers take in researching a part or piece of equipment?
  • What percentage of farmers go to YouTube before they buy?
  • How important is social media in the buying process?
  • Should I still be printing catalogs?
  • How loyal are these customers once they buy that first time?

In our second study, we surveyed distributors and dealers to see if they are marketing the way the farmers want to receive that marketing and asked if the distributors and dealers feel supported in their marketing and e-commerce efforts by their manufacturing partners. We presented the results at FEMA’s Fall Show in Oklahoma City and are sharing those results with you – Watch It Now

In our third study we will be surveying manufacturers to complete the information we need.

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Next Steps

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Explore Data Download Deck


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