Agriculture E-Commerce Web Development

Spindustry loves e-commerce. Spindustry loves the ag manufacturing space.

You probably like one of those two things. Our goal is to let you be a manufacturer, dealer or distributor, and let us worry about making you an e-commerce success story.

We know you likely see the opportunity of the web to help grow your business. One of the following is likely stopping you:

  • Time in the day
  • Overwhelmed with choice or questions
  • Data Readiness
  • Decisions about Shipping, Taxes and Credit Cards
  • Marketing a Website

Or a host of other reasons.

Let’s focus on the opportunity part! If you want to get there, we can help you with the rest!

Click here if you are ready to talk. If you want to learn more about our expertise keep reading below.

Our E-commerce Agriculture Experts

Micheal Bird

Michael Bird Co-Owner / CEO Spindustry

Michael Bird is CEO of Spindustry, an agency producing e-commerce solutions, web applications, digital marketing programs and SharePoint solutions. In 2023, Spindustry acquired VSG Marketing, bringing new technologies and capabilities to the team.

Michael started his career at EDS as a systems engineer. Then, after helping found Spindustry in 1996, he established the development side of the company. Today, Michael is the CEO, overseeing strategic guidance for clients and the direction of the company.

Past accolades for Michael include Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Finalist, Technology Association of Iowa IT Leader of the Year, and the Des Moines Business Record’s Forty Under 40 class. Michael was on the Executive Board of the Technology Association of Iowa.

Michael has co-authored two books on digital opportunities for manufacturers and speaks regularly at industry conferences.

Book Speaker
Alex Devine

Alex Devine President / VSG Marketing

Alex Devine is a marketing and business consultant, providing a unique bridge between old school business ideals and new generational perspectives. In her straightforward style, she motivates teams to act with empathy and understanding.

As the president of VSG Marketing (a Spindustry company), Alex uses technology and data insights to help companies and individuals define their sales strategy and manage their digital presence. After nearly a decade in the heart of a fast-paced agency, she gained expertise in high-level marketing strategy, sales enablement, digital performance, and martech. Alex leads the VSG Marketing team and provides executive oversight to all service offerings, in addition to making sure clients remain on the cutting edge of their industries.

Book Speaker

Upcoming Events

2024 FEMA Supply Summit and Showcase

April 3-5, 2024

With a focus on manufacturing members meeting with current or potential suppliers, the Supply Summit offers unique opportunities to build not only business relationships, but friendships as well. Attendees of this meeting spend time learning from speakers during business sessions, and networking on the golf course or shooting range. A highlight of this meeting is the Supplier Product Showcase where exhibitors can promote their company products and capabilities in a tradeshow setting.

2024 AEM Annual Conference in Indian Wells, CA

November 13-15, 2024

The Annual Conference is the place for member executives to examine what is ahead for their organization and the equipment manufacturing industry.

Additional Resources


The Farmer’s Buying Journey: How do farmers research and buy equipment and parts?

Join us for an informative webinar where we review the results of an attitudinal study of over 750 farmers citing their attitudes and preferences as they work towards making informed purchases.

Overview of E-Commerce Platforms and How to Choose The Right One For Your Business

In this webinar, we will help you determine what your options are and what E-Commerce platform makes the most sense for your company in the short and long term.

New Version of Google Analytics: Why and When you need to Move your Website Data

Google Analytics is evolving. New metrics will be available. Some old metrics will not be available. And your past data isn’t making the trip. It’s time to get familiar with GA4.

10 Things You Can Do NOW to Improve your E-Commerce Site

With the information you learn in this webinar, you will be able to make sure you are getting credit for all your hard work in setting up an e-commerce site and also start thinking about ways to multiply your success.

Are you in a complicated relationship with your data?

Organizations often struggle with data, documents, metadata and managing the same information in multiple locations.

Agricultural E-commerce Success Stories

Spindustry worked with the team at Hy-Capacity to design and create a new e-commerce focused website with additional integrations. Spindustry and Hy-Capacity meet regularly as e-commerce strategies evolve.

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