South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Success Story

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks conserves its state’s outdoor heritage to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations.


South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (South Dakota GFP) has a lot of timely information to distribute to a vast audience.


South Dakota GFP could not easily add or update important information on its digital properties. South Dakota partnered with Migrate Outdoor (a partnership between Spindustry and Paulsen) to build a better communication bridge between all constituents. After conducting focus groups and sending surveys, we determined what information people expected, how they expected to view it and when they expected to access it – which helped uncover the need to have assets available offline when people may be in a field and lack reliable internet services. Spindustry built a new website that is easily manageable by a CMS. Content can be aligned to specific categories, like Hatcheries, allowing visitors to quickly find related information. The new app that Spindustry built allows visitors to access maps while offline, as well as receive reminders about key events, season openings and closings, and store hunting license information. The new technology streamlines communication, connects the audience with timely information and facilitates a strong relationship between South Dakota GFP and its audience.

Website Development

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks <span>Success Story</span>
South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks <span>Success Story</span>
South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks <span>Success Story</span>
South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks <span>Success Story</span>

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