Spindustry Select ™

We have the privilege of working with a lot of wonderful organizations. Our greatest client successes come when we can dedicate a complete team dedicated to efforts that surround an organization's specific goals. Spindustry Select is our premium service for our client partners who invest a minimum of $200,000 annually in Spindustry services.

These engagements are always tailored to a client’s individual needs, and as a Spindustry Select partner, you’ll appreciate having a dedicated e-business team working for your organization. Depending on what’s needed, this team typically includes highly experienced eCommerce experts, a professional account director and a modern marketing team that understands how to connect with your constituents to deliver leads and sales. You’ll get this kind of breadth of expertise starting at the investment level of two or three typical salaries—and have far fewer headaches.

The best reasons to consider becoming a Spindustry Select client partner:

  • You’re tired of working with other marketing agencies that have let you down.
  • You want to turn over the responsibility of your organization’s online sales and marketing, knowng that things will be done well and that your goals will be achieved/exceeded.
  • You have a genuine desire to grow your business.

With your commitment to a minimum of 12 months, you’ll receive this kind of action:

  • Start with a two-day Dream Big planning experience
  • Chart a Master Plan that’s always aligned to your organization’s key sales and growth goals
  • Develop new website(s), online store, marketing landing pages, social media campaigns and much more
  • Constant evaluation and testing, including ROI reporting and feedback

If you’re ready to talk about joining our Spindustry Select program, please contact us.

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