SharePoint Training and Mentoring

Whether your staff is new to a particular technology or seasoned pros, our Spindustry Training educators offer a variety of SharePoint training classes to meet everyone's needs.

Continuing education is important to maximizing the use of any system you employ today. Whether your staff is new to a particular technology or seasoned pros, our Spindustry Training educators offer a variety of SharePoint training classes to meet everyone's needs.

We teach public SharePoint classes for various system users, so you can find the right course for your team. Need something a little different? Customize your training with private courses to learn exactly what you need. We also offer SharePoint mentoring to solve a specific problem, as well as hosting SharePoint training seminars.


What public SharePoint classes are already scheduled?
Our SharePoint courses are geared toward the different type of system users. We have classes for the SharePoint Site Steward, the SharePoint Administrator, the SharePoint Developer and the SharePoint end user. Each role plays an important part in the successful implementation and use of a SharePoint system. We recognize each role has different responsibilities and needs, which is why we have such a vast SharePoint class offering.

Click HERE to peruse our current public SharePoint classes. Contact the Spindustry team if you need help determining the right courses for your team, or if you'd like to discuss customized, private training.

"We signed up for a five-day boot camp and learned so much more than just how to create a site. Our instructor was delightful to work with, and his knowledge of SharePoint was quite evident. We discussed the philosophy and importance of governance of the site, learned how to structure the site to maximize use of security and permission levels, and learned ways to build solutions that meet our organization's needs. And, of course, there was plenty of hands-on training. Everyone in the class had a computer on which to build a SharePoint site."

- Lori R. - First American Bank


Why would our team need private or custom SharePoint training?
Clients often ask for training classes to be customized to fit the specific needs of their team.

Whether it's modifying an existing SharePoint class to focus on a specific topic or developing new curriculum, our customized classes will meet your end goal. A custom class allows for instruction and execution on your specific SharePoint projects.

"We were very impressed with Spindustry's attention to detail in customizing the workshop to fit our needs and delivering a product within our time frame."

- Karla H. - Iowa Department of Transportation?


How would SharePoint mentoring benefit me?
There are many instances where our clients need assistance solving a specific problem in their SharePoint environment. We offer mentoring services so that a SharePoint expert can help you and your team solve that problem.

This knowledge transfer method is very effective, giving your team hands-on experience in your own environment. When clients request mentoring services, we gather detailed information about the current system and challenges faced. The SharePoint expert can then either come on-site or virtually work with staff.

"If you are considering hiring a company to build your SharePoint site, I'd recommend finding the person on your staff who is capable of learning how to build it with Spindustry's guidance."

- Rhonda O. - Metro Waste Authority


What are SharePoint Seminars?
We know that empowered users are more likely to take ownership of a project. There are many different types of SharePoint users, including administrators, developers and end users. It's our goal to provide the latest SharePoint information, including tips and how-tos.

Spindustry hosts a variety of SharePoint seminars and webinars, designed for the different system users.

"The Spindustry team spent many hours, on-site, training the staff on Office Suite and SharePoint. Since that has occurred, we have seen a drastic decrease in our call volume. This alone is a huge win for the UnityPoint Health organization."

- Ellen B. - UnityPoint Health

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