SharePoint Template - Onboarding

Manage new hires, terminations and job changes

Get your new hires up and running sooner with an efficient Onboarding process. Maintain proper security during job changes, onboarding and off-boarding.

  • Utilize approvals, workflows and alerting to automate the onboarding process
  • Coordinate onboarding activities across multiple departments
  • Record all steps taken during new hire or termination
  • Monitor status of onboarding for any new hire
  • Further automate your onboarding process by setting up roles, positions and access requirements
  • Provide new employees with access to required company information such as policies, procedures and legal documents
  • Allow everyone to easily communicate, which improves collaboration
  • This module integrates with Asset Management and Facilities
  • For highly regulated industries, additional assessments, verifications, trainings and certifications can be managed with the Onboarding module

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