News to Know - if your website is built with WordPress, Shopify or BigCommerce

We've compiled a known list of significant updates so you can keep an eye out.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

In the world of web, several popular tools have had significant updates in recent weeks. If your website is built with WordPress, Shopify or BigCommerce -- here's some news to know! 

These updates may affect website functionality, or the way the site displays cosmetically. We've compiled a known list to keep an eye out for below.

If you need any help adapting to changing tech, we are here to help.

If you are a monthly web monitoring client of ours, we've anticipated these updates, made necessary adjustments and you should be all set. Consider this an FYI. (And if your site was built with .NET, you don't need to worry about these either.)

Elementor (WordPress page builder)

Recent versions of Elementor have had a number of serious security vulnerabilities, it's important to get the latest update read more here:

New version of WordPress CMS!

WordPress 6.5 was just released. See features and fixes here:

The highlights include:

  • A new font manager and custom field support in Gutenberg blocks
  • Improved revision details and new data views
  • A number of admin accessibility improvements

Selling On Shopify?

Several updates have been made to their point of Sale system recently. Stay in the know here:

Changes include:

  • Customer receipt selection on POS
  • Cash tracking improvements for POS
  • Checkout validation for POS checkout

Selling on BigCommerce?

Many recent API updates and bug fixes, but nothing too major to report. We keep a watchful eye on updates and can alert you to upcoming changes if you’d like! Get on our list by subscribing to Positive Spin.

Need help?

In conclusion, as website owners navigate the ever-evolving landscape of online platforms, staying informed about recent updates is crucial to maintaining optimal functionality and security. From significant security vulnerabilities in tools like Elementor to exciting enhancements in WordPress CMS and Shopify's point of sale system, being proactive in implementing these updates is key. For those who may need assistance in adapting to these changes, our team is readily available to offer support and guidance. Stay informed, stay updated, and let us help you navigate the dynamic world of web technology.

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