Involving the right people in your E-Commerce planning

If your business is planning a new E-Commerce initiative, it is important to assemble a team. Is that team internal, external or both?

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

If your business is planning a new E-Commerce initiative, it is important to assemble a team of knowledgeable people from across multiple departments. This steering committee should be made up of team members who are encouraged to freely express their ideas, experience and potential concerns.

The very first person needed is an executive sponsor. Depending on the size of the organization, this individual might be the owner, president or a division leader. Regardless of who it is, this individual must have ultimate control over how E-Commerce will function within the company and be able to secure an adequate budget to plan, develop and grow your online sales efforts.

One word of caution about the executive sponsor role. This person should remain engaged in how your business conducts E-Commerce from this point forward. This doesn’t mean that they have to attend every meeting, but they do need to have a complete understanding of how your digital commerce will impact each part of your business. As key decisions about your new E-Commerce site are made, the executive sponsor needs to back up the team.

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