Generating Leads

The lifeblood for most organizations is new, qualified business opportunities and a pipeline of quality employee candidates. If you’re seeking a team of experienced lead generation professionals, who measure every detail and deliver on success, you’ll love working with Spindustry.

Here’s what you’ll get when working with Spindustry:

  • Identifying and documenting ideal customer and employee profiles
  • Designing lead generation campaigns that attract highly qualified business leads
  • Researching, monitoring and updating search engine optimization to keep your business on top
  • Creating landing pages, paid search campaigns and designing online/offline materials (like infographics, white papers, e-newsletters) that resonate with your desired audiences
  • Designing drip campaigns that target a set of ideal prospects and include follow-up sales scripts with clearly defined touch points
  • Establishing and overseeing appropriate data collection from all lead generation activities and reporting what the information really means to your organization
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