Word Table of Authorities, Styles and TOC

OLWRD7- *This course qualifies for 2 CPE credits*

Course Description:
Learn Word from the comfort of your office or home.

A Table of Authority (TOA) is part of a legal brief that contains an index of cases, statutes, and secondary sources cited. This two-hour Live Instructor-led course will give you the tools to create a Table of Authority, Statement of Issues, Table of Figures, an Index and a Table of Contents.

Word Beginning Tips & Tricks class or prior knowledge of the topics covered in that class.

Course Outline:

  • Use the Navigation Pane to move to various sections of the document
  • Add the Mark Citation command and Show/Hide command to the Quick Access Toolbar for quick access
  • Mark text for a Table of Authority
  • Add Categories to a TOA
  • Add Captions for Figures and Tables and create a Table of Figures
  • Mark Items for an Index and create an Index
  • Work with Styles
  • Generate a Table of Contents

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