Word Advanced - Working with Template Fields

OLWRD8- *This course qualifies for 2 CPE credits*

Course Description:
In this two-hour class, learn how to work with Fill-in Fields, Ask Fields, Bookmarks, Reference Fields and save the document as a Template.  
Using a fill-in Field in a template allows you to fill in information and that information goes to the correct spot in your document.  When you open the template, this feature opens a dialog box where you type in each item.  After typing in each field and selecting OK, the items are placed in the document in the proper location.  This works if the document is saved as a Template.

Pre Requisites
Basic Beginning Tips & Tricks class or prior knowledge of the topics covered in that class.

Course Outline:

  • Create and use Building Blocks
    • Save as Quick Parts
    • Save as AutoText
    • Add Building Blocks to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • View Fill-in Fields and their codes
    • Shade all Fields
    • Activate Fill-in Fields
    • Type information in Fill-in Fields
  • Save a document as a Template
  • Create Fill-in Fields 
  • Create Bookmarks to use with Ask and Reference fields
  • Create Ask fields
  • Create Reference fields
  • Create an AutoNew Macro to display Ask fields

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