Power BI Visualizations – Telling Stories with Data

Virtual Live Instructor-Led Course

*This course qualifies for 8.5 CPE credits*

Course Description:

This one day instructor-led class is designed to give Power BI report creators a detailed overview of how visualizations can be used to tell meaningful stories to consumers of the data.

Who should attend this class:
Power BI report creators that want to learn about the different Visualizations that exist in the Power BI Desktop environment.

Attendees should already be familiar with creating a report in Power BI or should have attended the Spindustry “Getting Started with Power BI” class.

What will be covered in this class:
During this class we will cover the following: 

These topics will be covered very briefly, as an overview, to make sure everyone has the same terminology and understanding of how these items work: 

  • Connections 
  • Transforming data with Power Query 
  • Transforming data with DAX 

These topics will be covered in detail and are related to creating meaningful reports using different visualizations 

  • Choosing the best visualization 
  • Bar Charts 
  • Line, Area, and Ribbon Charts 
  • Waterfalls and Funnels 
  • Pie and Doughnut 
  • Treemaps 
  • Maps 
  • Gauges 
  • Cards 
  • KPI and Key Influencers 
  • Table and Matrix 
  • Slicers 
  • Miscellaneous Visualizations 
  • Getting more visualizations 
  • Filtering a visualization 
  • Filtering a Page 
  • Filtering a Report 
  • Accepting Parameters 
  • Creating Drill through reports 
  • Formatting Visualizations and Dynamic Formatting of Visualizations 
  • Styles 

At the end of this engagement, your team will be able to create dynamic, interactive, meaningful reports using various visualizations that are appropriate for the report.

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