Excel Linking Data

OLEX14- *This course qualifies for 3.5 CPE Credits*

Course Description:
Learn Excel from the comfort of your office or home. Create more powerful workbooks in Excel by creating links. Add data to one sheet of a workbook and watch the data populate in many sheets of that workbook. When you update the data, you only need to make changes in one location and the other references to that data will update automatically. 
Control the display of worksheets, quickly navigate to data, create and copy sheets. Work in Group Mode to set up formatting and text that appears in multiple sheets.

A basic knowledge of Excel and basic knowledge of formulas.

Course Outline:

  • Work with Multiple Sheets within a Workbook
    • Rename sheets
    • Insert and delete sheets
    • Copy & move sheets
    • Copy sheets to a new workbook
    • Color code sheets
    • Print multiple worksheets
  • Work in Group Mode
    • Select multiple worksheets (group mode)
    • Add data and format sheets from group mode
    • Get out of group mode
  • Create Formulas and Links between Worksheets
    • Create links from one spreadsheet to another
    • Create a multiple sheet formula
    • Use AutoSum to link related worksheets
    • Use Consolidate feature to summarize Worksheets
  • Link Worksheets within a Workbook
    • Open multiple workbooks
    • Set windows side by side
    • Switch between open windows
    • Link information from one book to another
    • Create a formula to pull information from multiple workbooks
    • Edit a link
  • Control Worksheet Display
    • Freeze Window Panes
    • Split the Window
    • Hide/Unhide Columns/Rows
    • Create Custom Views
  • Work with Hyperlinks and Named Ranges
    • Create Hyperlinks for Navigation
    • Name Ranges

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