SharePoint Mentoring

Spindustry offers mentoring that is customized to your organization's needs.

How would SharePoint mentoring benefit me?
There are many instances where our clients need assistance solving a specific problem in their SharePoint environment. We offer mentoring services so that a SharePoint expert can help you and your team solve that problem.

This knowledge transfer method is very effective, giving your team hands-on experience in your own environment. When clients request mentoring services, we gather detailed information about the current system and challenges faced. The SharePoint expert can then either come on-site or virtually work with staff.

We offer customized learning and development tailored to your environment. This allows your organization to:

  • Have a bucket of hours for use as needed.
  • With these hours, your team can choose to have Spindustry do the work for you or train your team in your own environment as they implement a custom solution.

"If you are considering hiring a company to build your SharePoint site, I'd recommend finding the person on your staff who is capable of learning how to build it with Spindustry's guidance."

- Rhonda O. - Metro Waste Authority

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