Facilities Maintenance and Work Orders Template - SharePoint

Keep your facilities maintenance operations ahead of the curve

Control maintenance costs by tracking everything through the Facilities Management module. Ensure you have the visibility and the tools to keep your facilities maintenance operations on schedule.

  • Employees submit trouble tickets by email, phone, webpage, other SharePoint applications, and Outlook
  • Route tickets automatically and customize the process for your existing workflow
  • Tickets can be split into multiple tickets and assigned to one or multiple staff and vendors
  • Link tickets with all current forms, documentation, service contract and vendor information, and external inventory, and project databases
  • This module updates employees’ calendars with appointments, and preventive maintenance schedules directly from work orders
  • Capture and track all time, projects and costs related to service requests
  • Identify overdue tickets quickly and escalate emergencies promptly. Automatic alerts and emergency notifications are available by email or text message
  • Dashboards and reports are configurable with extensive drill-down capability, to provide visibility for consistent policy implementation, planned maintenance scheduling, and continuous improvement
  • Integrates with the Equipment Tracking module, to provide visibility of maintenance and service history (which includes service tickets, purchase information, labor, parts and costs) as well as warranties, location, scheduled maintenance, and usage
  • The Facilities Management module is built on the SharePoint platform with full integration and consistency with other SharePoint applications and scalability

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