Customer & Dealer Portals

Give your customers and dealers the information they need to connect better and buy more.

Communicating with internal employees and departments is a vital part of most businesses today. The Spindustry team can develop a new Intranet that displays information using role-based security. Some information can be shared across the organization at all levels, while other data and documents can be siloed to specific departments, committees or individuals based on the user's login. Your new Intranet can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. Authorized users can easily maintain content, add/remove employees and create links to any policies/procedures, external benefits/payroll sites and much more. With a well-designed Intranet, you and your team will have a single source for accurate and up-to-date information.

Dealer/Customer Portals
A lot of organizations we serve work with sales channel partners, like Dealers, Wholesalers, Retailers. A good percentage also engage directly with end consumers. Our team has experience building portals that serve these audiences, to give them the information they need to be successful. These portal applications are based on a user's login. When an individual logs in, we know who they are and what information to display. Often, this kind of interaction includes order history, pricing schedules, literature ordering capabilities, dealer points programs, merchandise/rewards and basics, like billing/ship to addresses and Tax ID exemption documentation. Our clients can easily update, add or modify content that is displayed on-screen to a logged in visitor.

Microsoft Office 365/SharePoint/Teams
Microsoft Office 365 and its applications, including SharePoint and Teams, provide a modern way for organizations to function in a secure and collaborative manner. With SharePoint, you can benefit from amazing workflow automation. Many of the tedious tasks that require multiple people can now be facilitated in a much more efficient and trackable way. We have a team dedicated to developing, training and mentoring Microsoft 365 applications for organizations that want documents, data, projects and team collaboration to be organized and delivered efficiently.

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