E-Commerce Data Preparation

Getting data prepared and optimized is important to make E-Commerce run effectively.

Our clients turn to us for guidance, expertise and hands-on work surrounding on preparing data for E-Commerce in the following areas:

Product images
Clear, properly-sized images are a key factor in getting customers to buy parts and equipment. Resizing, retouching and properly associating images with product descriptions are the types of tasks we guide or handle.
Assembly schematics
We have tools that can convert PDFs into clickable schematics, allowing individual parts to be made selectable within your E-Commerce store.
Product naming and descriptions
Having a detailed set of product descriptions helps prospective buyers feel confident in their buying purchases. Our team works with clients to create descriptions that display with product details, as well as the behind the scenes metadata used by search/search engines to cross reference products and equipment fits. Too many times product data comes from old ERP systems and contains only a product number and a non-existent or cut-off product description.
Product attribution
Segmenting parts by size, price, equipment fit, color and material, among other features, are examples of product attribution. Having these sortable data sets allows online buyers to filter their search to quickly get to desired parts. 
Moving data between your E-Commerce and other back end systems is critical to keeping information accurate and up to date. Our team has deep experience in the following areas:

  • ERP product and order data exchange
  • Pricing tiers
  • Sales Tax
  • Shipping/Freight APIs
  • Promotions

From front end strategy to back end integration, we handle the hard stuff.

If those needs sound like your needs, let's talk.

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