SharePoint for Power Users - Working with Lists

OLSP6-*This course qualifies for 2 CPE credits*

Course Description:
What is a SharePoint List? A SharePoint List is like a spreadsheet. It stores information in a table format very similar to Excel where rows are records and columns are fields. List Views can be used to generate reports.

Do you currently use an Excel spreadsheet to track information? SharePoint Lists may be a better option for you.

  • Lists will allow you to track changes made per line item.
  • SharePoint works behind the scenes to watch for due dates in your list and notifies you when an item is due.
  • And so much more!

This two-hour Live, Instructor-led course will explore how to navigate around SharePoint, create and modify Lists and work with List Views. This course is for SharePoint Administrators or Power Users. This course will teach you several tips and tricks for creating and modifying SharePoint Lists.

To ensure success, students will need to be familiar with using Chrome or Microsoft Edge to navigate a website.

A basic knowledge of SharePoint is helpful. It is also beneficial if you have a basic knowledge of Excel.

Course Outline:

  • Overview of SharePoint
  • How to Follow a Site or Content
  • Add a Site to the Windows Quick Access Bar
  • Create a New App
  • Work with Lists
  • Add a new item to a List
  • Edit a List item
  • Export a List to Excel
  • Create List Views
  • Modify List Views
  • Change a View

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