Modern SharePoint Bootcamp

Virtual Online Live Instructor-Led Course

Course Description:
This live, instructor-led 4-day course is designed to provide students with an understanding of SharePoint and the concepts that are part of creating a successful SharePoint environment. 

This course is ideal for Office 365 Users, Site Stewards, Site Administrators, Site Collection Administrators, Power Users, and Management. 

At the end of this course, students will be able to articulate key SharePoint topics. They will have a foundational understanding of SharePoint List, Libraries, Workflows, Content Types, Web Parts, Permissions, Forms, Search and more. They will also have an understanding of SharePoint Governance.  

There are no prerequisites for this class.

Course Outline:

  • Understanding SharePoint 
  • Planning for Site Collections and Sites 
    • Lab: Creating Site Collections 
    • Communications Sites 
    • Team Sites 
    • Lab: Creating Sites and Sub Sites 
    • Lab: Creating a Hub Site 
    • Lab: Understanding the types of Navigation 
    • Lab: Changing Themes 
    • Lab: Changing the Logo 
  • Working with Modern Pages 
    • Lab: Creating Pages for a site 
    • Lab: Creating a new Home Page 
    • Lab: Adding basic web parts to a page 
  • Working with Modern List and List Columns 
  • Working with Modern Libraries 
  • Managing and Customizing List and Libraries 
    • Lab: Creating List using existing templates 
    • Lab: Creating Custom List 
    • Lab: Creating Useful Views 
    • Lab: Saving a list as a template 
    • Lab: Creating a library using existing templates 
    • Lab: Modifying a library 
  • Web Parts (Apps) 
    • Lab: Review out of the box web parts 
    • Lab: Adding web parts to a page 
    • Lab: Changing web part properties 
    • Lab: Using views in a Web Part
    • Lab: Connecting web parts 
    • Lab: Adding Custom Web Parts from the community 
  • Managed Metadata 
    • Lab: Creating useful Term Sets 
    • Lab: Adding an Enterprise Keyword Column for tagging 
  • Content Types 
    • Lab: Creating and Using Content Types 
  • Site Columns 
    • Lab: Adding Site Columns to Content Types 
  • Document Sets 
    • Lab: Creating and Using Documents Sets 
  • Integrating other Office 365 Apps 
    • Workflow (Overview of Power Automate) 
    • Overview of Microsoft Forms 
    • Overview of Yammer Conversations 
  • Permissions in SharePoint 
    • Lab: Working with Permissions 
    • Lab: Breaking Inheritance for a Sub Site 
  • SharePoint Search Basics 
    • Lab: Configure Search for a Site Collection 

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