Excel Analyzing Data and Formulas

OLEX13: Virtual Online Training Course

*This course qualifies for 2 CPE credits*

Course Description:
Learn Excel from the comfort of your office or home. Become a more powerful Excel user as you expand your use of Formulas and Functions.

This course will explore using features to help understand where formulas originate and what cells are affected by formulas by using Trace Precedents and Trace Dependents. Create Scenarios and Data Tables to allow you to compare possible results in a worksheet. Use the Goal Seek feature to add parameters to your data to get varied results. See various ways to protect your worksheet cells and the structure of the workbook. Create and discuss Custom Number Formats

This course is good for anyone that needs to create formulas or understand existing formulas.

Excel Intro to Formulas class or prior knowledge of the topics covered in that class.

Course Outline: 
Create custom number formats

  • Currency vs Accounting Style
  • Use Number Formats from the Cell Styles Group
  • Special Formats – Zip Code, Phone Number, Social Security Number
  • Add text to special formats
  • Create Custom formats
  • International Formatting
  • Custom Date Formats 

Editing & Formatting Techniques

  • Find a specific entry in a Worksheet
  • Replace an item in the Worksheet
  • Replace Formats in a Worksheet 

Audit a Worksheet

  • Trace Precedents and Dependents
  • Use the Watch Window
  • Use the Formula Evaluator
  • View and Print Formulas
  • Trace Errors  

Additional Features

  • Insert Comments/Notes
  • Edit/Delete Comments/Notes
  • Use Text to Speech feature to play back worksheet date to check for accuracy   

Protect a Worksheet and Workbook

  • Select cell values to lock/unlock cells
  • Lock Cells and Hide Formulas
  • Configure Formula Calculation Options
  • Protect a Worksheet
  • Allow Users to Edit Specific Cell Ranges in a Password Protected Worksheet
  • Manage Workbook Versions
  • Protect the Structure of a Workbook 

Use Financial Functions – Payment, Future Value, Number of Payments

  • PMT
  • FV
  • NPER

Create What-if Scenarios

  • Scenario Manager
  • Data Tables
  • Goal Seek

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