Excel Advanced Data Analysis using PivotTables

OLEX6-  *This course qualifies for 2 CPE credits*

Course Description:
Now that you know how to create PivotTables to analyze your data, this class will increase your knowledge of PivotTables and teach you more advanced skills. Learn how to use the recommendations command to easily and quickly create PivotTables, use multiple data sources, and work with table relationships. 

Excel 2016 Intro to Tables & PivotTables class or prior knowledge of the topics covered in that class.

Course Outline:

  • Create a PivotTable using Recommended PivotTables command
  • Set number formats
  • Create a PivotTable from multiple local data sources
  • Create relationships between tables
  • Create a PivotTable from an external data source
  • Work with Slicers and Timelines to filter data
  • Group and ungroup items
  • Create formulas and use functions with a PivotTable

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