Excel 2019 Functions and Features

OLEX10-  *This course qualifies for 3.5 CPE credits*

Course Description:
Learn Excel from the comfort of your office or home.
Excel 2019 has some exciting new functions and features. Become a more powerful Excel user as you expand your use of the new  functions and features
This three-hour Live Instructor-led course will explore the new functions in Excel 2019 and give you the tools to work more efficiently and accurately. This course is good for anyone that works with formulas and functions and has Excel 2019.

Excel Intro to Formulas class or prior knowledge of the topics covered in that class.  Also, this class is using features that are part of Excel 2019. It is recommended that  you have Excel 2019, Microsoft 365 or will be moving to this version soon.

Course Outline:

  • Use Functions to modify text
    • Change Case, Extract Text, Trim text
    • Combine Text with CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, and Flash Fill
  • Use new functions
    • Simplify a nested IF function by using IFS Function
    • SWITCH Function
  • Deselect Data
  • Use LOOKUP Functions
    • Start with VLOOKUP and MATCH Functions
    • Explore the new XLOOKUP Function
    • Use the FILTER function with XLOOKUP to extract a value that appears multiple times
  • Use the LET Function to store calculations and values by defining names inside a formula.
  • Explore the Quick Analysis button and the new Analyze Data Command to look for patterns in your data

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