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The Iowa Tourism Office, a part of the Iowa Economic Development Authority, promotes travel to and within the state of Iowa. In addition a printed Travel Guide, the organization maintains a strong digital presence to educate and guide visitors.

The Tourism Office partnered with Spindustry Digital for development of the website. Spindustry continues to support the website as the Tourism Office introduces new campaigns, by providing new visuals and functionality. A new campaign was recently launched called #ThisisIowa that incorporates Napoleon’s discover of the beautiful state of Iowa that he regrettably sold more than 200 years ago as part of the Louisiana Purchase. Spindustry built a new webpage that features bold images and messaging about Iowa, auto-generated tweets that visitors can post, and a #thisisiowa gallery pulling in tagged images from social channels.

The Get Inspired pages help travelers find attractions based on their interests.

Travelers can now choose from a series of itineraries which include a list of activities for each day and a map.

Additionally, Spindustry has designed and developed other website features, like customizable plans. The website features several aspirational options to allow visitors to find attractions based on their interests. By clicking on various site elements, like images, visitors are redirected to content that pulls in information based on similar experiences.

Didn’t get a print copy of the Iowa Travel Guide? offers an interactive version of the guide on the website.

Different inspirational photos are used throughout the site. Clicking on a photo will take visitors to a page pulling in similar experiences to the photo topic.

There are also pre-set itineraries, which include a map and activities for a day, for travelers wanting a more directed path. Site visitors can create personal profiles, allowing them to save favorites. Visitors are encouraged to participate by submitting posts about great Iowa destinations on the blog. Spindustry also provided email strategy and support by developing the visual layout and content for the various email campaigns.



Travel Iowa

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