Pilot Rock

RJ Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc. has manufactured the Pilot Rock brand equipment since 1959. Designed and manufactured in the United States, Pilot Rock branded products are found in outdoor parks, campground and other outdoor facilities.

Pilot Rock partnered with Spindustry Digital to improve the visitor’s online experience. Most customers need to configure products to meet specifications and the previous system couldn’t handle that back and forth transactional process online. Spindustry’s technical and business experts analyzed Pilot Rock’s offline process to determine the best way to replicate it online. Additionally, analytical reporting services, as a part of the Marketing Assurance Program, were deployed to see how existing traffic navigated the site.

The Signature Collections tab on the Pilot Rock website gives customers the ability to filter products according to their unique needs.

The Views & Environments tab on the Pilot Rock website groups products together based on different locations products are commonly used, like City Parks, Campsites and Athletic Fields.

The new website introduced a variety of search options – allowing customers to look by collection, environment or products. The site also allows customers to configure products and immediately see an updated estimate. Many transactions can now be handled online, allowing for two way communication between Pilot Rock and their clients, instead of having to take the transaction offline. Spindustry provides on-going marketing guidance through the MAP program, including search engine optmization and social media coaching and deployment.



Pilot Rock

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