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Live Healthy America provides wellness solutions for organizations and communities across the country. Thousands of people have participated in a Live Healthy program online, resulting in positive changes in behavior toward health and wellness.

Technology is a key component of the Live Healthy business. By tracking progress online, participants can see real-time progress on their goals, access tools and resources to aid them on their wellness journey and monitor trends over the course of the program. The need for sound, flexible technology is of utmost importance, so Live Healthy partnered with Spindustry Digital to provide this service. Spindustry designs key functions and builds out the logic to handle the various programs and tools in the system, as well as back-end reporting and content management functions.

Monitoring health and wellness progress is something participants do all the time, anywhere they are, so designing and programming the online portal to work in various environments, like desktop, tablet and mobile was also an important need. There are also several tools participants use to track progress, like a FitBit device, so Spindustry integrated third party applications to allow for the syncing of data onto a participant’s profile. Ultimately, Live Healthy and Spindustry strive to deliver a cohesive platform that inspires a culture of wellness.



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