LifeServe Blood Center

LifeServe Blood Center provides blood and blood products to more than 100 hospitals in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. LifeServe is one of the 15th largest blood centers in the country and is based in Des Moines, Iowa.

LifeServe works with a large audience and digital channels are one of the best ways to distribute messages to this group. LifeServe partnered with Spindustry to strategize about their entire digital ecosystem during a Strategy Cab brainstorming session. As a follow up engagement, Spindustry collaborated with LifeServe to identify a hashtag to better communicate with their audience. Spindustry saw an opportunity to unify brand advocates as a league of supporters, extending well beyond a tag. The idea manifested itself into #LifeServers, a name for supporters of LifeServe’s mission. Along with strategic guidance from Spindustry on how to implement this concept into their overall marketing, LifeServe has started implementing a plan within their social channels, other digital platforms and at donation events.



LifeServe Blood Center


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