Jordano’s Foodservice is the leading independent food distributor in Central and Southern California. The company has been providing foodservice innovation, good customer service and integrity since opening a century ago. Jordano’s serves more than 37 markets, including restaurants, schools, hotels and resorts.

Jordano’s partnered with Spindustry Digital to lay out, copywrite and design its annual magazine publication “The Scoop.” Each year a theme is chosen which defines the assets needed and produced. The magazine features articles about latest products and trends in the food industry and spotlight features on vendors and partners in the community.

Spindustry also develops assets for marketing programs Jordano’s executes throughout the year – including the creative direction, visual layout and copywriting for the materials. Spindustry supervises the production of these marketing assets to ensure the final product exceeds client expectations.




Jordano's - The Scoop


Direct Mail, Marketing, Print

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