Jaarsma Bakery

Jaarsma Bakery is a family owned and operated bakery in Pella, Iowa. Third and fourth generation family bakers have been creating delicious “Dutch Treats” for over a century. Known for their famous Dutch Letters, Jaarsma has a rich history and strong customer connection.

Jaarsma Bakery has a loyal customer base, who engages with the bakery on Facebook. Fans like sharing memories of enjoying Dutch treats at the bakery.

Customers extend well beyond Iowa's borders. We asked fans to share where they ship goodies and created a map to show the extensive reach of this small town bakery.

Jaarsma Bakery partnered with Spindustry Digital to build an online e-commerce store that allows customers to purchase bakery treats with key functions and features, like selection of shipping date and shipping to multiple addresses.  Additionally, Spindustry Digital manages Jaarsma’s social media channels and email marketing.

Facebook is the primary channel customers engage with the bakery. The addition of Pinterest and Twitter channels have helped the bakery connect with other audiences and introduce people to the brand.

The Pella Tulip Festival is an important annual event in Pella. Spindustry assisted Jaarsma Bakery in creating promotional graphics to use on digital channels regarding the event and participation of the bakery.

Knowing that customers had a strong loyalty to the brand, Spindustry wanted to build up a Facebook fan presence to share stories about customer’s experience with the bakery, discuss their favorite treats and share ideas about treat gift giving. Spindustry has helped Jaarsma achieve overall sales growth and social connection with customers.



Jaarsma Bakery

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