Iowa Spring

Iowa Spring engineers and manufacturers mechanical and specialty springs. The family-owned and operated company has been producing springs since 1977 in Adel, Iowa.

Iowa Spring questioned how to handle presenting the variety of springs for various industries online and via their sales representatives in the field. Additionally, the previous website wasn’t maximizing search engine optimization best practices. Iowa Spring partnered with Spindustry Digital to design and build a new website to more accurately present products and optimize for search engines.

Spindustry also developed a marketing campaign to increase exposure of the brand new and open the opportunity to new sales leads. Spindustry developed a campaign based around the character Helix – the voice of Iowa Spring and the prospect’s advocate. The spring man was custom designed by Spindustry and handmade in Germany. Helix is a seven inch tall spring man made out of nickel. Spindustry developed the entire campaign, including the shipping schedule, call and email scripts and goals.

Spindustry took great care and pride in designing the direct mail piece. From the sturdy nickel of Helix, the custom grommets chosen for the mailing box and the custom designed brochure, each piece exudes the same quality Iowa Spring delivers.



Iowa Spring

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