IA Wine Explorers

The Iowa Wine Growers Association is designed to support the wine and grape industry in Iowa. The organization provides education, promotion and legislative support for its winery membership and the entire Iowa wine industry.

Iowa Wine Growers Association (IWGA) partnered with Spindustry Digital to build a consumer-focused brand to help educate and promote Iowa’s wine industry. Spindustry developed the key target personas and led IWGA through a branding exercise, which resulted in the new IA Wine Explorers brand.

To reach and connect with the consumer, Spindustry set up Facebook and Twitter channels for IA Wine Explorers. Spindustry developed a content strategy for each channel, set up a content calendar and created content and imagery. Each channel has rapidly developed a fan base, with a mix of consumers and wineries engaging in conversation. This was highlighted during #IAWineMonth, where IWGA and IA Wine Explorers promoted Iowa’s wine industry and key supporters, including restaurants and retailers.



Iowa Wine Growers Association

IA Wine Explorers - Facebook
IA Wine Explorers - Twitter


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