Hy-Line International

Hy-Line International was founded by Henry A. Wallace in 1936 and is a world leader in poultry layer genetics. Hy-Line works with more than 120 countries, providing groundbreaking products and services.

Hy-Line partnered with Spindustry Digital to build several applications. First, Hy-Line needed a company website that served as a resource hub to current and potential customers all across the world. Hy-Line had much of the product and technical information available in print and Spindustry built an organized, easy-to-use website to house the documents.

Additionally, Spindustry built the Hy-Line Egg Wheel app that provides chicken ranchers a place to keep track of their Hy-Line weekly flock growth. Ranchers are also able to compare where their flock’s growth is in comparison to bird growth standards. This important application helps ranchers identify possible issues and monitor growth progress.



Hy-Line International

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