Des Moines Arts Festival

The Des Moines Arts Festival is a multi-day celebration of the arts during the summer in downtown Des Moines. The festival began in 1958 and today has received numerous awards by associations and trade magazines.

The Des Moines Arts Festival partnered with Spindustry Digital to develop a new logo. The goal was to develop a mark that encompassed all of the creative and creators who encompass the event and the community. After interviewing several of the board members, Spindustry designers began sketching and thinking about the core principles of the event. Landing on a few key marks, Spindustry presented the logos sans color. This allows people to get a feel of layout and how it ties back to the company. After a logo was selected, Spindustry applied color, giving a whole new dynamic to how the mark represents the brand. Once a final logo was selected, Spindustry produced the final formats and the new mark was presented at a festival kickoff event.



Des Moines Arts Festival


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