Spindustry Digital Client, Ag Property Solutions, Named Finalist for Prestigious Technology Award


Ag Property Solutions, a service provider for growing livestock production systems, was announced recently as a 2014 Prometheus Award finalist in the category of “Best User of Technology” for their BarnVista web portal.  The Technology Association of Iowa’s annual Prometheus Awards recognize and celebrate technological innovations in the state of Iowa.

“The foundation of BarnVista is that of a structure to facilitate continuous improvement leading to documented quality assurance.  The accounting systems, human resource systems and inventory management systems utilized by businesses effectively document the economic results of the activity of a business; however, they do not provide a platform to drive continuous improvement through an organization and its people – especially people and assets that are remote,” said Pat Joyce, President of Ag Property Solutions.

In 2012, Ag Property Solutions partnered with Spindustry Digital to develop a centralized solution for their growing operational needs.  The solution, BarnVista, is a web portal that improves the current state of operational communication, compliance with standards and protocol, and closes gaps between management, remote locations, personnel and vendors.  Since its launch in 2013, BarnVista has eliminated fragmented communication (such as e-mails, voicemail and paper), promoted clarity of expectations and operational visibility which has led to enhanced accountability and allocation or identification of needed resources.  BarnVista is helping livestock producers be more proactive in managing operations, especially in remote or rural locations.

 “By utilizing the asset and work order management tools coupled with the policy and compliance tools provided by BarnVista, we believe livestock producers engage in a path of continuous improvement and quality assurance while being cost effective through more efficient allocation and management of personnel and asset resources,” said Joyce.

To date, BarnVista has managed thousands of work orders and audits in over 30 locations and multiple business segments in beta-test for local hog producers in Iowa. With the help of BarnVista, Ag Property Solutions is making enormous strides in helping the hog producers adopt a continuous improvement culture leading to confidence in the process of producing quality pork products served to families across the nation.

On April 9, the Technology Association of Iowa will announce the Prometheus Award winners during a ceremony hosted at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Ag Property Solutions is one of four finalists for a Prometheus Award in the category of “Best User of Technology.”

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