Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) and Travel Iowa Launch Websites


The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) and Travel Iowa, in collaboration with Spindustry Digital, unveiled the newly redeveloped websites January 15. Along with the fresh design incorporating their new “parenthesis” branding, both sites feature a variety of new additions that focus on the different ways people will use the sites.

The new IEDA website features an “I want to…” section where visitors select whether they are seeking to relocate or expand a business, export products, or start a new business. Visitors then get information, statistics and supporting documentation customized to their selection. The website also features a “Brag Wall,” a social communication tool which allows businesses to share their achievements and milestones.

The search function is a prominent feature of the new Travel Iowa website. Travelers can now search for hotels, restaurants and attractions and receive correlating area suggestions. Another significant addition to the Travel Iowa site is the new inspiration pages; these pages include area attractions relating to: Biking; History, Arts and Culture; and Wine and Beer.

For both sites, great emphasis was also placed on accessibility and a tailored experience for users. Website users can now create profiles, add areas of the website to a list of favorites or subscribe for emails.

The launch of both sites also included accompanying mobile sites. The mobile version offers on-the-go users many of the same capabilities in a mobile-friendly and manageable layout.

“The launch of both sites signifies a large milestone for the Iowa government.  They have really made a commitment to advancing their digital presence, while taking into account the evolving needs of their users,” said Michael Bird, president and co-founder of Spindustry Digital. “We have spent countless hours talking about site usability and the tools we could add to make both sites more efficient, and how to make the experience custom to each user.”

Visit and to view the new designs and experience the additional features. 

To find out more about the process behind the creation of the Iowa Travel website, watch the Iowa Travel video case study on our YouTube Channel.

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