Event Management Software is Critical to Experiential Marketing Success


The ramp up of summer means you’re more likely to run across brands offering you an experience with their product or service. Whether it is Teva letting you craft your own sandals while hanging at Bonnaroo or Kia letting you test drive their cars while strategically staged at Six Flags, experiential marketing is the real life engagement experience. It complements the digital engagement people have to come to love about social.

Behind the scenes, a lot of careful planning has to occur to make these events a reality. Locking in locations and staff to execute the events and reporting on the events outcomes are key. Learning from the visitor’s experience is critical to the success of the event – and ultimately growing and building a more loyal customer base.

Spindustry provides event management software to event marketers so they can be more efficient and productive with their experiential marketing events. Our software helps to organize teams, manage assets, track documents and report success. Brand ambassadors rely on our responsive framework to recap event information on their smartphones. Event professionals find more accurate and consistent information coming from teams when using our event marketing software.

We’ve worked with top agencies and directly with brands to provide the best event management technology. If your team would benefit from a better event management solution, you can request a demo of our software.

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