In October of 1996, a small export management business became the springboard for a new company called Spindustry Systems, Inc. The original co-founders were Michael Bird, James Brown and Stephen Fry. In those early years, our team spent a lot of time working on database design and managing information for a number of companies, primarily in central Iowa.

In our first five years we grew from a handful of people to about 20. What is perhaps most unique is that a majority of the original “Spindonians” are still a part of the team today. By 1998, we were building web applications to expand the reach of information management and helping organizations market themselves using the Internet.

In 2000, we began to expand beyond Iowa. We started doing business in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. Unlike comparable firms in larger markets, our team stayed consistent from month-to-month and year-to-year. With continued growth and experience, Spindustry Systems expanded into new areas, like event management campaign tracking and online print ordering systems.

Along our journey, we added two sister companies: Spindustry Staffing in 1999 and Spindustry Training in 2004. By 2006, we were serving clients across the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico and in Iowa.

In 2011 we changed our name to Spindustry Digital and shifted toward expanding our capabilities. We’ve added additional talented people and updated our office facilities to better reflect our strategic agency mindset. Serving client partners through many marketing initiatives – while keeping the digital focus – is our passion.

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