Content Development


Quality, optimized content is necessary to educate, inform and capture your audience’s attention and to obtain favorable search engine ranking. We can help you decide what content your site should feature, how to clean up existing content or even how to merge varying content pieces into one cohesive story.

Our content services include:

  • Content mapping – we evaluate existing website and marketing material content and create a streamlined and strategic roadmap for new content.
  • Content calendar – We evaluate existing website, social media platforms, print and other digital content, measure it against analytics and develop a comprehensive content calendar. We designate the medium, purpose, frequency and call-to-action.
  • Content coaching – We provide detailed instructions on the goal, tone and length of the content in a content guideline document. We can also identify and recommend needed images, video and cross-promotion ads.
  • Content writing – We interview, research and write content for a variety of platforms, including website content, social media content and marketing material content.

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