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Custom Marketing Concierge

If you run an organization and are tired of spending money on marketing services that don't deliver what you need, you may be a candidate for Spindustry Digital's exclusive Custom Marketing Concierge service.  With this program you engage our highly skilled team of diverse, digitally minded professionals for a period of one to three years.  With this investment you will gain immediate access to appropriate strategic thinkers, user experience designers, senior application developers, public relations/crisis communications expertise, content writers, social media gurus, analytics experts and a host of other great team members.  You receive a consistent monthly invoice for this top-level service so it's easy to budget.  No more project-level estimates.  What's needed to create success for your organization's needs is included.  

Guaranteed Revenue

If your organization meets certain parameters, we may be able to guarantee your revenue for the coming year. We'll work with you to determine what kind of growth is possible and confirm what new revenue number our team will guarantee.  Typical returns on the investment range from 200-500% or more.  Our team spends the next 13 months (yes, we need a month up front to get things set up) bringing new opportunities to your business and converting prospects to business via a patented-pending process.  If our team doesn't meet the revenue guarantee, all fees for the program are rebated to you.  

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