How Does Your 2012 Look?   1/20/2012 10:20:09 AM

At Spindustry, we are asked daily by our client partners and prospective clients how we view the coming year from an economic stand point. Because we work across a broad spectrum of industries and organizational sizes, we have a unique view into the inner workings of the economy.

For the past six months or so, we have seen a sharp uptick in the overall willingness by our clients to invest in their businesses. There are a few who are still impacted significantly by the economic woes we have been through over the past three years, but as time moves forward those few are becoming less and less.

From our vantage point, there are three kinds of companies:

  • The first are those who are charging forward and making success regardless of the economy. These companies are led by people who refuse to accept any excuses for missing goals. When times have been tough, these folks have rolled up their sleeves and simply worked harder.
  • The second are those who are conservative but after waiting out the challenging times for the past many quarters, they're just tired of waiting to act. So with the new year upon us, they are dusting off plans made long ago and pushing forward.
  • The third type of company is those that are just trying to hold on. The ice has melted all around them and, honestly, it's unlikely that they'll make it much longer.

We feel badly for those in that third category. Perhaps if they had adopted a different strategy, similar to one of the other types of organizations described, they might be in a better position today.

At Spindustry we are off to our best start in years. We've added professionals to our team who are driving solid value to our clients each and every day. Our clients are reporting similar results in their businesses too.

So, if you ask us how 2012 is looking, you'll hear our team and client partners respond, "very fine." It's nice to see attitudes improving. If you're looking for ideas to expand your sales, automate a manual process or build your brand, reach out to us at Spindustry. You'll be glad you did.

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